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International vegan/abolitionist forum

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International vegan/abolitionist forum

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Vegans Wanted - An abolitionist start

Because there are still too few abolitionist groups and the abolitionist
approach to animal rights is still too unknown, Animal Rights Community
Online is appealing to every vegan to join our new project: an online
vegan community that focuses on abolitionism. If you are vegan and like
(or want to learn about) the abolitionist approach to animal rights, then
you should join ARCO's Abolitionists!

Learn how to make your group an abolitionist group;
Discuss how the animal rights movement should progress;
Get together with vegans from all over the world and exchange stories;
Share your experiences or exchange recipes;
See things differently and find like-minded souls.

*ARCO's Abolitionists is a private forum but does have some public boards;
have a look to get a sneak preview of what you can find inside...