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Fair Trade = unfair?

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Fair Trade = unfair?

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Da steht u.a. folgendes drin:

Zitat: labourers on farms that are part of Fairtrade programmes are usually paid less and are subject to worse working conditions than their peers on large commercial farms, and even other small farms that are not part of Fairtrade programmes

Zitat: the ‘social premium’ incorporated into the price of Fairtrade products, which is meant to be used to improve infrastructure in poor communities, is often misspent. In one instance, researchers found that modern toilets built with this premium were in fact for the use of senior farm managers only. The report also documented examples of health clinics and schools set up with social-premium funds that charged fees that were too high for the labourers they were intended to benefit.

Zitat: Fairtrade stresses the importance of ‘traditional skills’, which is code for backbreaking manual labour. The end result of all this is that farmers are forced to endure more toil for lower yields. It is no surprise that farmers pass the economic pinch on to their labourers in the form of lower wages.

Klingt so als wäre Fair Trade von der Effektivität zur Verwirklichung von Menschenrechten in etwa so effektiv wie Tierschutz zur Verwirklichung von Tierrechten.