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sollen Abtreibungen illegal sein?

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sollen Abtreibungen illegal sein?

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dazu sehr bezeichnende Umfragen. Abtreibungsgegner wurden befragt, ob Abtreibung illegal sein sollte und was als Konsequenz die Strafe für illegale Abtreibung seins sollte. Aber seht selbst:

Die Dialoge liefen dann in etwa so ab:

Q: Abortion should be illegal, did you say?

A: Yes, it should be illegal because it’s killing a human person.

Q: And what should happen to women who have illegal abortions?

A: … Just pray for them. I don’t think they should have to spend time in jail or anything.

Q: So if it’s illegal, you think there should be no punishment under the law?

A: No, I don’t think they should be punished, because the life has been taken. The crime has been done.

Q: [But isn't] that’s true with murder, too? Isn’t there a punishment for murder?

A: Yes, there’s a punishment for murder because that’s taking a life.

Q: So why shouldn’t there be a punishment for a woman who has an illegal abortion?

A: Oh… as the other [person] said, it’s kind of between her and God. She will get her punishment in the end.

Q: So why should it be illegal?

A: Because it’s the taking of a life.

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