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Gary Franciones Apologetik...

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Gary Franciones Apologetik...

Autor: Reinhard | Datum:
Gary Francione posted on his facebook page a chart in which conspiracy theories were grouped according to their degree of detachment from reality.

I asked him:
Zitat: i miss the oldest and most common detached ideology in that chart: religion

Gary L. Francione:
Zitat: One can have religious beliefs without being delusional.


Zitat: Please separate philosophy, culture and religion. Religion is the belief in supernatural powers and their cultic worship. It's a sub-clinical type of paranoid schizophrenia.

Gary L. Francione:
Zitat: Sorry but that is bullshit. There is nothing inherently psychotic about religious belief any more than there is about as belief in causation.

Amazing: He apparently does not consider causality to be necessary for positions that are anchored in reality ...