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Used Vegan Magazines/Newspaper

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Used Vegan Magazines/Newspaper

Autor: Vidya Wang | Datum:
Dear Vegans :),

My name is Vanda. I am a vegan from INA.

Ralph (a vegan from Germany) is visiting Indonesia in the 3rd week of
August 2003 (,he'll arrive in Jakarta on Aug 22 before noon).

I am moving out to Surabaya, one of the biggest cities in Indonesia
(Surabaya is in Central Java, Jakarta (the capital city of INA, where
I am now) is near West Java province).

I may not have an easy internet access starting mid August 2003,
because of financial reasons, so please e-mail me right now if you
have any questions, for example: regarding what we are doing in
Indonesia. I will check my e-mails at least once a month.

If you have spare used vegan/AR printed media (vegan/ AR newspapers,
books, magazines, cards, board-games, bulletins, brochures, posters,
... ) and would love to have them put into use in Indonesia, please
send them to Ralph Gorth (ralph.gorth@g..., please e-mail Ralph for
his full address).

I have stopped using the service of the Indonesian Post Office,
especially not to receive mails and packages- and since

sending the vegan/ar printed media via other couriers (such as UPS and
FedEx) costs a lot more,

I am asking you to send them to Ralph.

He can bring up to 50 kgs of luggage to Indonesia- and he brings only
around 10 - 25 kgs of his own, so please do not hesitate to ask your
friends to join you in sending the vegan/ar printed media to Indonesia.

He will be in Asia August 2003 and most probably will have his 7th
visit before the end of 2003.

[ Should/If you miss(ed) this August 'dateline', please do not
hesitate to e-mail Ralph and confirm when he'll visit INA again. He
manages his business in Asian countries, and told me that he will
visit Indonesia each time he is in Asia. ]

I will e-mail you a detailed list of what I have received, from each
one of you. Please do not forget to personalise each of the printed
media you are sending us, even when it only means putting your
initials and an "Oregon, USA" or "London, UK" there.

[ A little bit more info: These items are distributed to schools and
libraries in Indonesia and used at public events. We are grateful to have
received support in the past from and PETA,,,,,,,, (Vegan Voice-
Australia),, VAN UK,, and many others
and welcome multiple copies or duplicates.

We hope to list our sponsors-unless told not to- on the IVS site when
our volunteer webmaster finally has the chance to do so.

If you wish to sent a gift of any new(used ones preferred) or old
vegan books and magazine, please do personalise them. We would like to
encourage you to write something about yourself and anything you
would like to share or receive from us here in Indonesia.

These are kept in our library and passed on or given to schools,
groups and individuals. By doing to it allows people can always see
that caring
vegans are everywhere and that those attempting to walk this path are
not alone.

In our experience we have found that this encourages individuals to
move towards veganism and shares with them the inspirations that
you. Whether that was about saving life, saving the planet or for
young people about "being cool", every message is welcome.

And lastly, please let us know any time you visit Indonesia, :) ! ]

If you are interested in following what's happening in the AR movement
in Eastern European and Asian countries, and meet and exchange
e-mails with some of the pioneers, please e-mail vidya1 with
your introduction, and I will invite you to related mailing lists.

Please only reply to vidya1 my permanent e-mail address, I
have had it since 2 months ago.

{If I do not reply to your e-mails in two months- I usually reply in
less than one week, even when I have no easy access to the internet,
please re-send them, I suspect I lost several of my incoming e-mails.
*Thank You*.}

Thank you and Best Wishes,

Vanda (+62 815 992 7067, international calls are not saved/ displayed
on the screen of my mobile <, I do not know why>, international SMSes
may not get in)