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Allison of Denmark Kosmetik

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Allison of Denmark Kosmetik

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Anfrage nach Baukasten.

Dear X

With reference to your request of December 18 2005 we can answer as follows:

In general our products are produced according to the EU Directive on Cosmetics. Raw materials/ingredients are either synthetic or of plant origin. All ingredients are mentioned on the INCI-list on the product packaging.

It is not possible for us to obtain further information on "compound ingredients" or "other materials used in the manufacturing process" as mentioned in sections b) and c).

With respect to Allison A/S 's position on animal testing, again we refer to the Cosmetics Directive, which has forbidden all animal testing on raw materials/ingredients in cosmetics latest in March 2009. Further we can state, that we have never tested our products on animals.

If you need further information or have additional questions please do not hesitate to revert to us.

Best regards,

Allison A/S

Die Antwort sagt überhaupt nichts aus... :-/ Mag jemand genauer nachfragen? PAs auf englisch machen mich fertig! ;-)