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Luxardo Maraschino Originale Likör

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Zitat: Dear Sir./Madam

1. The ingredients for the maraschino are: Marasca cherry juice and pulp, beet alcohol and beet sugar.

2. We use larch wood vats, ash wood vats, carton filters.

3. We use glue for the labels and it is a vinyl water base glue.

4. No other Luxardo factories around the world.

I hope I have answered you questions best regards,

Matteo Luxardo

Im zweiten Schreiben wurden die Antworten in rot hinter meine Fragen geschrieben, ich hab sie hier fett gemacht:

thanks for your answer to my request. I'd be greateful if you could also respond to some followup questions:

a. In my request which I made earlier this year, you mentioned that Maraschino contains natural flavours. Which ingredients did you mean with that? Cherry juice

b. Is the beet sugar refined? If so, was it refined with the use of animal charcoal? I think they use natural gas

c. The Marasca cherries are filtered with carton filters to become juice and no animal product (for example gelatin) is used to filtrate them. Is this correct? No animal products

d. Are any other ingredients (for example sugar) added to the Marasca cherries to become juice and/or pulp? No the sugar is used at the end of the production

e. I assume you use yeast for alcohol fermentation. Which medium do you use to raise the yeast? We don’t use yeast It is a natural fermentation

Und zuletzt:

Zitat: Dear Sir/Mrs,

I have contacted my sugar producer and he confirmed that they are using natural gases.

Best regards,

Sieht vegan aus.