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vegan rauchen

Autor: Nicole J | Datum:
Anfrage nach Baukastensystem von Maqi


On 07.12.2011 22:45, Lisa *** wrote:

Hi ..., The liquids are not specificially certified vegan, but there
are no animal by-products in any of the pre-mixed or flavourless
nicotine liquids.



Lisa ***
*Cloud 9 Vaping& Electronic Smoking Supplies
****, UK

Tel: 0845 ***
email: lisa@***

web: www.***.uk

On 08.12.2011 12:25, Lisa *** wrote:

I will be unable to definitively say whether there are any animal
products used in the distillation of any of the ingredients in the
liquids because they are made in China outside of my direct control and
supervision. Even if I get my supplier to answer the question, they may
not understand the full implications so I would not be willing to
absolutely swear that they are vegan unless I had seen every single part
of every single process for myself first hand. I hope you understand.
It's highly likely that they are, as most of the ingredients are
artificial flavours, but I just am not prepared to swear to it as I know
how important this issue is to vegans. It is unlikely that any answer
you get from any supplier would be trustworthy unless they are
physically in control of every single operation on their e-liquid.


Subject: RE: liquids
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2011 18:52:55 -0000
From: Lisa *** lisa@***
Reply-To: lisa@***
Organization: Cloud 9 Vaping

Hi ..., I do prefer to tell it like it is, although I know there would
be several companies that would just lie and tell you yeah, everything
is absolutely vegan.
Now, as to what I have that I know for sure to be vegan, I can state
that the NEAT54 Mixing liquid is produced for me in Europe and is 100%
kosher, Vegan and Halal, in both the PG and VG versions, and my plain PG
and VG are also 100% fine.

I can also state definitively that every flavour concentrate is vegan
friendly, with the exception of the bacon, and some of the tobacco type
ones (that's not because they aren't vegan, but because I don't have
definitive data to my own satisfaction on those few).

So, I would suggest that you look at the NEAT54 and some of the many
other flavourings to mix up your own to be completely on the safe side.
As I say, I am fairly certain that there are no animal by-products
involved in any of the manufacture of any of my pre-mixed liquids, but
because I am not 100% certain, I'd rather err on the side of caution in

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